Exaile 3.3.0-rc1 released

At long last, a new version of Exaile will be released: 3.3.0.

With this release an unbelievable amount of 236 bugs have been fixed which include fixes as well as new features. A full explanation of the major fixes and releases will be published with the release, so for now refer to the Launchpad bugs page to see what has happened. Here’s a quick glimpse at what’s new:

  • Completely rewritten playlist views and internals
  • Improved cover tag handling and cover management
  • More providers: playlist columns, application menus and playlist import/export
  • Playlist import from and export to arbitrary locations (including SFTP, etc.)
  • Vastly improved Win32 support including a Windows installer
  • Plugin updates and new plugins: A-B Repeat, BPM Counter, Group Tagger, History, Inhibit Suspend, Last.fm Loved Tracks, Main Menu Button, Multimedia keys for Windows, MusicBrainz Covers, OSD (formerly core), Preview Device and Wikipedia
  • Lots of threading fixes for more stability
  • Lots of small but highly desired UI changes like the new playlist button and more love for some of the dialogs.

Packagers please note the version upgrade for Python from 2.5 to 2.6. And while PyGTK 2.17 is still fully supported, PyGTK version 2.22 and GTK 2.20 are recommended to have the full feature set available.

You can download the release candidate from our Launchpad downloads page. Please report any bugs you find and help us make this a great release! The release of version 3.3.0 is currently slated for September 14th, 2012.

Update: The windows installer can now be downloaded from our Launchpad downloads page. The installer is still pretty new and may have bugs, but it has been verified to work on Windows XP SP3 and Windows 7 SP1. Please, please report any bugs you find so we can fix them!

We found a new team leader!

After a few months of deliberating, I have decided on a new leader.

Exaile’s own Mathias Brodala has taken the reigns. I expect good things!

  • synic

Exaile needs a team leader

Exaile is currently in need of a team leader. synic no longer has time to run the show, so currently no one is doing it. If you have the time, are a python coder, and use Exaile, please contact synic.

Exaile released

Exaile is a bugfix release for 0.3.2. Notable fixes include:

  • We are now capable of using the external bsddb3 module if distributions disable python2’s deprecated built-in bsddb support, as Arch Linux did recently.
  • Compatibility with newer Ex Falso releases was restored to the Ex Falso plugin.
  • Exaile no longer stops scanning when it encounters permissions errors

Exaile released

Exaile is a bugfix release for 0.3.2. A short list of notable fixes:

  • The shoutcast plugin has been removed from the default install, as shoucast has changed their API and the new terms of service are not compatible with our license.
  • The default lyrics provider was changed to lyricwiki, as lyricfly no longer works properly.
  • A bug that prevented Exaile from running on very recent versions of pygobject was fixed.
  • A bug preventing files from being added via the CLI was fixed.
  • A number of additional minor issues were resolved.