Exaile 3.4 "we're not dead yet" released!

After a year of work and 60+ bugfixes and improvements, the Exaile developers are happy to announce that Exaile 3.4.0 “we’re not dead yet” has been released!

About the codename

Exaile has existed since 2006, and had a lot of rapid development until 2010 or so. At that point, development slowed down considerably, but since 2012 development has continued at a slow but steady rate. A number of you have asked whether the project is dead yet – and the answer is a resounding NO. Exaile is a mature, stable audio player, and does much of what we want it to do, and does it well. The current development team uses Exaile on a regular basis, and will continue to add improvements and fix bugs as needed. To reflect this reality, the codename for this release is “we’re not dead yet”.

Major new features/bugfixes

This release has fixed a lot of really annoying bugs and improved overall usability, while adding new plugins with new features. The full list of bugfixes/features can be viewed on launchpad.


  • Audio output device can now be switched while playing songs
  • Official support for OSX!
  • Improved unicode support
  • An option has been added to disallow playback while another song is playing (great for DJs)
  • Linux: UDisks/UDisks2 support
  • Covers: cover manager improvements, saving to disk


  • Playlists can be shown in multiple panes
  • The left tab panels are now closable
  • BPM counter plugin has better UI integration

Enhanced smart playlists

  • Create playlists based on other playlists
  • Support for filtering over 20 different tag types


  • A simpler plugin API is available (but the old one still works!)
  • Plugin manager doesn’t show users potentially broken plugins anymore
  • New plugins: console, Icecast Radio, lyricsmania, mono output, playlist analyzer, Soma.FM
  • Broken/old plugins removed: lyricsfly, shoutcast
  • Fixes/improvements for various plugins


  • Improved bootup times for Windows
  • Installer has support for 64-bit python
  • Exaile restart doesn’t break
  • Improved multimedia keys plugin

Exaile 3.4 is in our opinion the best release of Exaile yet, and we hope that you like the new features as much as we do. Exaile is a truly cross-platform audio player, with downloads available for Linux, Windows, and OSX. User and developer documentation is available at http://exaile.readthedocs.org/en/latest/.

Moving to github

As of today, the launchpad repositories are deprecated and source code in bazaar will no longer be updated. Our new home is on github, at https://github.com/exaile/exaile. Please file all new bugs on the issues tracker on github. In the near future, we will try to move relevant bugs from launchpad to github, close out all the bugs on launchpad, and close the launchpad bug tracker. We look forward to your pull requests